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Tackling Peak Oil, Climate Change and Economic Breakdown

The line-up of speakers for the ‘New Energy Era’ forum is nearly complete. This is going to be an incredible event. If you want to take three days out and indulge in a retreat of wonderful global discussions with amazing minds, this is your chance. The discussion will put topics like the Fiscal Compact, worldwide unrest, nuclear developments, fracking, renewable energy developments, and others into perspective, and help you make important decisions for the future. Some if not all of these speakers will be written about in a hundred years time as the clear thinkers that foresaw world events and new developments for the new era. Please book fast as numbers are limited. Here are the speakers and topics:

1. Dr. Colin Campbell – Changes in World Energy Supplies, and the consequences.

2. Chris Sanders, Sanders Research Company – Financial Implications for the New Energy Era;

3. Jim O’Donnell - “Towards a philosophy for the care and maintenance of a small planet”

4. Robin Challis, Qualitative Research, ‘Whither Consumerism?’ Likely consumer trends over the next decades.

5. Professor  Austin  Darragh - Farewell Petroleum , Hail Carboleum

6. Rob Heyland – ‘the collapse of capitalism is the best thing for us all’

7. Professor Hartmut Frank, University of Bayreuth,Germany - ‘Ethics, Science and Education for the New Era’

8. Dr. Michael Hayes, University of  Limerick ‘The lignocellulose of  wood , energy crops, and  agricultural residues as the sources of chemicals  to  replace petrochemicals’

9. Daniel Podmirseg ,  Vienna –  ‘JUMP UP! Bite your lips, get up and dance!’ - promising concepts to rebuild  local social and economic interdependencies, focusing  on urban and vertical farming.

for details and booking please click here

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