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Transition Totnes Energy Descent Action Plan

'Transition in Action’ is the UK’s first comprehensive Energy Descent Action Plan designed for and by a local community. It sees the changes necessitated by climate change, peak oil and the UK’s debt crisis not as a crisis, but as a huge opportunity for entrepreneurship, creativity, community, enhanced resilience and a greater quality of life. In these pages you will find not just a vision of a more resilient world, but practical steps to reach it, key research, inspired ideas and a glimpse… Continue

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How Green are the Reds, Blues and Yellows?

In the UK, travel is dominated by car use, resulting in increasing levels of CO2 emissions, congested roads, and high dependency on oil, more and more of which is imported.

Sustrans pored over manifestos, speeches and statements to get good idea of what the three main political parties are proposing for local everyday travel. Transport is always surprisingly low on influencing how people vote, which is odd given… Continue

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Reduce, Reuse Recycle

Do you freecycle?

In 2003 Freecycle started as a local group in Tuscon Arizona several global not-for-profit organisations have grown up that support networks of local groups. Each group is concerned with facilitating the re-use, within their locality, of things that might otherwise go to landfill. It is based on the view that "one person's junk is another… Continue

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