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January 2009 Blog Posts (3)

Gaia Theory Originator James Lovelock on the Last Chance to Save the Planet

With his 90th birthday in July, a trip into space scheduled for later in the year and a new book out next month, 2009 promises to be an exciting time for James Lovelock. But the originator of the Gaia theory, which describes Earth as a self-regulating planet, has a stark view of the future of humanity. [Read Newscientit article in full]

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Inaugural Lecture by Keith Day, Professor of Environmental Science - 4th Feb, 18:30, Coleraine campus

Seeing the Wood for the Trees - The Ecological Role of Insects in Forest Health?

Forests will always be a vital component in the Earth’s systems. Their global ecosystems service has been valued at £3 billion (UK) per annum and includes climate regulation, erosion control, nutrient cycling, waste treatment, food production, raw materials, and recreation. This exceeds the value of almost every other terrestrial biome. Damage to trees by other organisms is a natural part of… Continue

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A Radical New Tactic in France: the Picnic Protest

Ahh, The French know how to put their food to best use!!!

Check this out:

French left pioneers a radical new tactic: the picnic protest

Activists take food off the shelves and invite shoppers to dine with them to highlight the plight of 'Generation Y'

Jason Burke in Paris The Observer, Sunday 25 January 2009

In exactly a week's time, in a supermarket… Continue

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