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The Workable Solution to the Financial Crisis

Call4Reform is a UK-wide campaign to reform the financial system. We have one request – that the power to create money is taken away from profit-making entities (the high street banks), and returned to the state. Doing so would allow us to:

phase out the national debt, saving £100 million per day in interest costs
reduce the tax burden by up to 30%, permanently, or increase government services with no increase in taxation
Save 60% on the cost of public infrastructure projects (such as schools, hospitals and public transport), by removing the need to borrow this money and pay interest over 30 years
In addition, by preventing commercial banks from inflating the money supply by an average of 8% per year we can:

Significantly reduce the risk of financial crises, such as that of 2007-2009
Significantly improve the stability of the banking sector, protecting depositors and the taxpayer
Create a more stable currency and consequently a more stable economy
Until we officially launch you can find a full explanation of the issues involved at

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