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Fix the Food Chain - Friends of the Earth Campaign

Do you want a healthy planet and thriving, planet-friendly farming?

If you do the Food Chain Campaign is for you.

Factory farming demands massive amounts of soy - a key ingredient in animal feed. Most of this comes from huge soy plantations in Latin America.

Vast areas of land have to be cleared to grow the soy, causing:

greenhouse gas emissions
the loss of valuable wildlife habitat.

You can find more detailed information in our report What's feeding our Food? (PDF† 2.2MB) - or from our resource pages.

And you can learn more about our other work to protect life on Earth on our Natural Resources pages.

How do we fix the food chain?

The Food Chain Campaign isn't about getting rid of meat and dairy farming - it's about getting government to revolutionise it.

We want to see them change the deal behind our meals.

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