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New DVD and talk: 'All About the Money'


After a few delays, we’ve just released a video - and DVD - of a talk that we gave in April 2011. Watch the 3 minute taster here:

All About the Money - 3 Minute Taster
This talk, delivered by Ben Dyson of Positive Money, explains why almost everyone is in debt, why the financial crisis continues, and how the current banking system (which the Governor of the Bank of England described as the worst possible) is at the root of most of the social and economic problems that we face today.

Discover the few simple changes to banking that would reduce debt, poverty and economic instability and that would ensure that the reckless behaviour of banks could never threaten the global economy again.
You can watch the whole talk online for free or buy the DVD for just £10, with free postage (or £14 if you’re outside the UK). 
Watch the 3 Minute Taster

(Just over £6 of the price of every DVD goes towards helping us to expand the campaign and continue raising awareness of the deep problems with our current monetary system).
Watch the 3 minute taster

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