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Tackling Peak Oil, Climate Change and Economic Breakdown

Where does Money Come from - and why isn't there enough?

Have you ever wondered just who is in control of our money supply and what it means when governments say there isn't enough?

Would you be surprised to discover that around 90% of money in the world is created by private banks - when they are confident enough about their profits to make loans?

As part of Transition Derry's ongoing work exploring the resilient ways communities can provide food, heat and means of exchange, we have invited American Monetary Reform campaigner Bill Still to Derry.

In 1996 Bill Still worked with a team which included Nobel Prize winning economist Milton Friedman to produce the documentary The Money Masters. This classic work on monetary reform predicted the current world economic crisis and called for an American Monetary Reform Bill.

Bill Still's 2010 documentary The Secret of Oz traced the history of money creation in the US and outlined the symbols of monetary reform in Frank L Baum's novel.

Transition Derry invite you to hear

Bill Still talking about his work and previewing his new documentary Jekyll Island.

Donald Dietrich from Positive Money Belfast will also talk briefly about PM's current campaign-

Quantitative Easing for Jobs.

Monday 24th June 2013
The Old Church
Clarendon St
BT48 7ES
 Admission is free but numbers are limited so please book with:


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