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Welcome to Living Earth - September tours of a low tech home in Donegal


Living Earth, Inver, Co Donegal

is a home composed of closed-loop systems giving a highly sustainable life-style off the grid.

Visit this ecologically positive, low tech home on

Saturday and Sunday

September 15th and 16th

Judith Hoad, the householder will welcome you personally

Tours at 11am, 1pm and 3pm each day to include:

Electricity Generation

Water Harvesting

Compost Toilets


Life without Chemicals

Limited, off-road, attended car parking

Refreshments available

No charge, but contributions will be welcomed

The Hoad house has been run 'off the grid' for 45 years - until 10 years ago, without electricity. Since 2002 a wind and photovoltaic energy generation system has supplied the house. This was upgraded in 2011.


Rainwater is harvested from the roof for all washing and cleaning purposes. Well-water is used to drink and for cooking. When water is provided by one's own physical effort, it is never wasted.


The large, custom-built, three-unit compost system in the garden recycles all organic material from the house and the garden to produce healthy fruit and vegetables. All gardens are a work-in-progress and Hoad's is no exception, with some successful crops each year as well as some failures, but it provides a lot of the food eaten here - both from cultivated plants and wild ones-'weed' is a dirty word in this garden!


Chemicals are not used, nor permitted, in order to protect all the creatures who share LIVING EARTH as their home, including the microbes.

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