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No More Throwaway People!

It takes a brave person to challenge mainstream economics by declaring that valuable work can actually occur outside the marketplace. It takes an even more daring activist to dream up a practical approach which harnesses the skills and assets of ‘throwaway people’, and to spread this innovation around the world.

That is what Edgar Cahn has achieved over the past 25 years with Time Banking. Perform an hour of work—any work—and you earn one Time credit. This credit can then be spent on any services that members of your Time Banking community have to offer.

In his book ‘No More Throwaway People’ Edgar Cahn argues for a new framework to bridge the market and non-market realms through “co-production”—a way to humanize the marketplace while elevating the non-market universe of families, community and service.

Volunteer Now and Transition Derry are delighted to host Edgar Cahn’s first visit to Derry and offer an open invitation to everyone to hear him speak -


Sat 4th May

An Culturlann Gt James’ St

11.00am  - 2.00pm



RSVP to to book your place


Contact Sarah Jane on 079670580– or Marian on 07834707496 for more information


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