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Ulster's First Accredited Full Permaculture Design Course

10 - 24th July 2011

Laganvalley Permaculture

Permaculture (permanent culture) is the conscious design and maintenance of agriculturally productive systems which have the diversity, stability and resilience of natural systems. It is applicable in a wide variety of contexts from family homes to schools, businesses, city wastelands, farms and regional zoning.

Permaculture thinking empowers people to take responsibility and create environments that require lessening energy inputs to provide increasing energy outputs, whilst revitalising the natural world. The principles and ethics can be applied by anyone, anywhere.

Permaculture has inspired many people to see the world with different eyes and created many successful enterprises and sustainable economic stimuli.


This timely course will cover all aspects of environmentally productive design including -

  • home and market gardening
  • ecological building and renovations
  • heating and energy from waste
  • horticulture and forestry from gardens to farm scale
  • aquaculture, water purification and reuse
  • repair of damaged environments
  • strategies to restart local trading and services

More importantly, we will learn how to integrate these systems, by design, into well sited plans.


The teaching methods are enabling, so people learn and remember by experience and information sharing. There will be times of relaxation and recreational fun. It promises to be a great working summer holiday.


Costs start at £755 (with some concessions). This covers all course materials, accomodation and meals.

To enquire or to book a place, contact Laganvalley Permaculture at

02890 716200


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