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Groundswell Rising - Protecting our children's air and water

It is my pleasure to let you know that our film, Groundswell Rising Protecting Our Children's Air and Water, a film about the resistance to the invasion of the Gas Industry will be screening at

the Galway Film Fleadh,

July 12, 18:00 local time.


To learn about the film please go to, you can see a trailer and see what people have been saying about the film. Such as:



"Besides the incredible information on fracking's detriment to our health it is also a great look into what it is like to live in a town with fracking in the backyard. This film should be watched by everyone on the side of industry and those considering leasing their land to the gas companies. Plain and simply, it's the human side of this debate."


Mark Ruffalo


"No kidding this is a groundswell, and just in time! Fracking means big money to a few, which is why its spreading around the world--but the opposition from the rest of us is spreading just as fast, and this powerful film shows exactly why!"


Bill McKibben, <>





Renard Cohen


Groundswell Rising, Protecting Our Children's Air and Water

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