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Don't let Lancashire be a fracking guinea pig. Time for Cuadrilla to go.

This morning Lancashire's planning officer said the Council should allow fracking to go ahead in Preston New Road, Lancashire.

It’s hard to believe – fracking has already been halted in Scotland and Wales because of the risks to people’s health and the environment.

Pat Davis, from the Preston New Road Action Group on fracking, was right this morning when she told reporters that this is “far from over”.

Tens of thousands of local residents have written to the Council and this morning we handed in a petition of 90,000 people asking them to keep Lancashire and the UK frack free.

Lancashire Councillors now have one week to decide. This week we need to spread the message far and wide – we won’t let Lancashire be a guinea pig for risky and polluting fracking.

Please share this petition on Facebook or Twitter.

Fracking company Cuadrilla might have spent millions on public relations. But with enough people on our side we can show them that fracking will never be accepted in the UK.

Please share the petition today and make sure as many people as possible support Pat in keeping Cuadrilla and fracking out of Lancashire.

Share on Facebook or Twitter.

We have one week before the final decision in Lancashire – let's make some noise and make sure we're heard.

With hope,

Jenny and the fracking team

PS -  If you're able to join us in Preston on the 23 June to make some noise in person - we'd love to see you there.

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