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State of the World 2010 Transforming Cultures: From Consumerism to Sustainability

Erik Assadourian, director of the Worldwatch Institute will discuss the new book State of the World 2010 - Transforming Cultures: From Consumerism to Sustainability

To download a free edited copy of the Worldwatch book State of the World 2010 please go to:

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Freeconomy & next Bookclub


I've came across this article on living a year without money (The Guardian 10/11/09)

It prompted me to google the concept of Freeconomy and amongst the many sites retrieved I have found this…


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Transition Derry Programme of Activities Leaflet Nov '09/ Jan'10

Hello there, here a programme of TD activities to keep us occupied till the end of the year.

there are a couple of version of the leaflet

1. A Low resolution for web viewing

2. A double A5 version for cheap print (2 leaflets per A4 page)

I have a high A5 resolution version for… Continue

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Mushroom Foraging, Recipes and Skill exchange

Yesterday's foraging walk in Erveys wood truly worked out a treat for all (Sunday 11/10/09). Expert forager Colin Peck lead a group of children and grown-ups deep into the woods and onto a path of new discoveries.

The sun was shining, the mushrooms were plenty and easy to find once the eyes got tuned into 'shroom' vision (the next best thing after X-ray vision). Grown ups started shamelessly competing with children in picking up chanterelles hiding in bilberry bushes,… Continue

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Community Land Bank

The Federation of City Farms and Community Gardens (FCFCG), a charity that supports local people to manage their local green spaces, has launched a consultation and feasibility study into the creation of a not-for-profit Community Land Bank.

Many allotment sites are under strain, with some estimates suggesting that there are now 100,000 people on waiting lists for the current 300,000… Continue

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GDP should be scrapped, says Sarkozy

The French president Nicolas Sarkozy has backed a report which urges governments to stop using GDP as the primary measure of progress.

The report from a group of economists said gross domestic product was treated too often as the only statistic worth focusing on.

'GDP statistics were introduced to measure market economic activity. But they are increasingly thought of as a measure of societal well-being, which they are not,' the report's authors wrote.

see the full report… Continue

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Brian Guckian - Railway link Sligo to Derry, plain speak and costs

In case you have missed it

Brian Guckian on P. McFadden show on 15/07/09 @ BBC radio foyle

(at 41min)

Plain speak on the Sligo to Derry railway link, costs spelled out:

E640M for RoI portion (EU grant likely)

£120M for NI portion

this over four years

Budget for NI Roads £2B for 2003/2012 - unsustainable (e.g. reduced… Continue

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Transition Inishowen Bulletin - July 09

All you need to know about Transition news and Activities in Inishowen, for more details check the attached leaflet or send a line to

Full Bulletin

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One Hundred Mornings - Film

A very 'local', disinchanted view of what may happens if society breaks down in face of the challenges of peak oil and climate change.

Shot in Co. Wicklow, Script and Directed by Conor Horgan

Should it be included in Foyle Film Festival 09 programme?

The film premiere was at the… Continue

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Action Research - Thinking About Sustainability

Interesting paper by Peter Reason (Action Research - Prof in Bath Uni) on how we should think about the challenge of sustainability (2007)


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Wild Flowers of Ireland - Amazing work

Hello there,
this is an absolutely amazing website
, compiled by Zoë Devlin
You will find there everything you wish you knew about Irish Wild flowers, beautiful, accurate and concise
It is noted on the summer/autumn edition of Heritage Outlook (dowload it from the Heritage Council website )


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Shetland - The oil money has stopped flowing and the Island faces a new energy controversy

For more than 30 years, life on Shetland has been sweet. Residents enjoy state of the art leisure centres, smooth roads and luxurious old people's homes the envy of every other islander in Scotland.

Thanks to a unique deal brokered in 1973 over the building of the Sullom Voe oil terminal, life on Britain's most northerly and weather-battered island group has been cushioned by an oil fund. For every barrel, Shetland levied a small fee: £200m has been spent improving the lives of its… Continue

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Tree Trillions Dollars Later... is that $428 per head???


just a mathematical reflection

the economist this week headline story 'Three Trillions Dollars later'...

in reference to, what is de-facto - a 3 Trillion Dollars banks bail-out

Here is a quote...

"Governments and regulators want the banks to make profits so that they regain their health faster after roughly $3 trillion of write-downs. It is part of the monstrous… Continue

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Open Forum on the Green New Deal - Belfast

QUB Masters students in Sustainable Development will host a Green New Deal Event

on Wednesday 6th May 2009 @ South Dining Hall, located to the right of Queen's University Lanyon

Building when you enter through the main gates, beside the Whitla Hall,

Belfast, from 7-9 pm

We need a 'Green New Deal' for Northern Ireland to tackle the 'triple

crunch' of job losses, fuel poverty and climate change. We need a shift

towards a low carbon economy to tackle… Continue

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Digging up the past for advice on growing your own

Digging up the past for advice on growing your own

Michael Viney, Another Life, Weekend Supplement 25th April 2009, The Irish Times

AMONG THE FAMILY heirlooms which helped to equip our move to the west coast three decades ago was a somewhat tattered volume of Department of Agriculture leaflets, published in a seventh edition in 1941, a crucial year of The Emergency.

Leaflet… Continue

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Convergence 14: Making the Transition to the Resilience || 22-28 April 2009

Convergence is Ireland's longest running festival of sustainable living.

Location: Dublin * Thurles * Cloughjordan

Dates: 22/28April

Talks, conferences, workshops and world café discussions on how we accelerate community responses to the economic downturn, resource depletion and climate change.

As part of the event,… Continue

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March Focus on Economics - Leading Voices & Alternative Views

Economics are under this month's spotlight. Transition Derry as well as organising a series of open forums, will run a series of interviews with leading experts that have something different to say about economics:

1. Rob Hopkins, founder of Transition Culture

2.… Continue

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Transition Town Neighbours - Inishowen

The Transition network is growing! Come and join the screenings organised by transition Inishowen, first and next on schedule:
The Power Of Community - How Cuba Survived Peak Oil - Sat. 21st Feb. St Eugene’s Hall, Moville 2-4pm

Further Details attached


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Gaia Theory Originator James Lovelock on the Last Chance to Save the Planet

With his 90th birthday in July, a trip into space scheduled for later in the year and a new book out next month, 2009 promises to be an exciting time for James Lovelock. But the originator of the Gaia theory, which describes Earth as a self-regulating planet, has a stark view of the future of humanity. [Read Newscientit article in full]

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Inaugural Lecture by Keith Day, Professor of Environmental Science - 4th Feb, 18:30, Coleraine campus

Seeing the Wood for the Trees - The Ecological Role of Insects in Forest Health?

Forests will always be a vital component in the Earth’s systems. Their global ecosystems service has been valued at £3 billion (UK) per annum and includes climate regulation, erosion control, nutrient cycling, waste treatment, food production, raw materials, and recreation. This exceeds the value of almost every other terrestrial biome. Damage to trees by other organisms is a natural part of… Continue

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