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Quick Follow up on Transition Economic Forum, Magee 1st May

Hello there,
plenty was discussed during our two hours session ... just a quick note

The idea, for me, is to progress with taking practical actions as well as not to loose the sight on the big picture.

The big picture: I like to explore further the 'links' between what I see 'nested systems' at local scale and their 'networks' with neighbouring, national and international systems : people skills, renewable energy, food and water, dwellings, transport and economy.

The ground approch: I am gonna to do a bit more research on how to we could combine LETS with a 'backed' Local Currency, if at all possible.

In particular I'd like to focus on the viability of an energy-backed local currency system (e.g. where locally produced 'watts' are used to back pounds) with an eye also onto green bonds and saving schemes...

First steps: on this account Richard suggested to start having a look at the publication "The Ecology of Money" , downloadable for free from website.

so if anyone is interested in the same, please give me a shout and see what we can learn and do

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Hi Maria

I like the sound of the energy-backed local currency system; is this basically like Richard described, where a community buys a wind turbine - financed by issuing energy bonds - and sells any excess energy back to the grid for cash to back the currency system? Or the cash can be invested in the community/school/org (like Paul's school, Oak Grove is doing)? Hey - if Oak Grove's doing it, why couldn't Magee? Magee could provide a really good model for Derry?!



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